MCF RELOCATION: Your Relocation Partner in France.

Facilitate your internal mobility and talent recruitment

Facilitate internal mobility and nurture talent

For 15 years, MCF Relocation has been the professional mobility partner for companies.

We work hand in hand with Human Resources Departments to facilitate transfer decisions, attract talent, while significantly reducing mobility costs. Our role is to support employees and their families to successfully navigate their way through the change.

MCF Relocation in France

Our relocation services in France

A full range of services designed to resolve all your practical problems, adapted to your firm’s specific requirements and specificities.


MCF RELOCATION proposes a full range of relocation services adapted to the specific requirements of our clients’ Human Resources departments.

Immigration services

MCF Relocation can advise on the immigration procedures required for international staff members coming to work in France and complete all steps in the process.


Re-joining your spouse

MCF Relocation supports the spouses of newly-arrived staff members by providing Intercultural Coaching and Job Coaching services.


Private concierge services

MCF Relocation assists international staff members throughout their stay in France

“ A BIG THANK YOU to our MCF Consultant for her advice and support in my home search! She found me the ideal property in a beautiful village! I highly recommend MCF, you won’t be disappointed!”

“ MCF has been a true support from the word go. They are hands on with all legal, administrative, banking and housing related formalities and really personalise their approach to suit your needs. I had the pleasure of receiving their excellent services for my relocation from India to France and I must say I was impressed with the agility and dedication displayed by MCF at every step. The house hunt was well organised and they ensured I got exactly what I was looking for. Apart from that, they continue to offer support as and when needed during your stay in France and it is very comforting to know you always have someone to reach out to for any issues. Thank you MCF! ”

“The visa assistance have been absolutely great and I would definitely recommend it. Thank you MCF !”

“I had the opportunity and luck to be assisted by MCF relocation 2 times out of the 6 times I have used similar companies in other countries and I have no problem to say that these 2 times have been the top ones. It is not just the excellent quality of services offered and the professionalism: It is the fact that we felt warmed welcomed and always supported in a personal way, directly by Marie-Claude, not just at anytime we needed something but also by her regular follow up during our setting in France and departure after finishing.”

“I would like for MCF to expand and be available in other countries. The quality of service is top notch!”

“ Working with MCF to get settled in France was a pleasure and a great assistance during a stressful period. Our Consultant was completely organised, knew everything that had to be done, and understood and responded to my needs. She was very reactive and offered assistance at every point, even with when I faced extra complications. She is a very positive person, and always there with a solution. Personally, I was happy to have such a nice team welcome me to France.“

“ A BIG THANK YOU to our MCF Consultant for her advice and support in my home search! She found me the ideal property in a beautiful village! I highly recommend MCF, you won’t be disappointed!”

I would like to thank you for your involvement in my search for an apartment but above all for your support, which has been of great support to me in this new life. Thank you also for your wise advice and for your determination to find me the ideal apartment (despite my requirements!)

“A big thank you for your advice, your availability and your kindness! Our installation is going wonderfully, the children have discovered their new environment, everyone is swimming in happiness. »

“Great professionals listening to your expectations and needs.”

“A good level of support and advice, professional and motivated team, good knowledge of administrative procedures. Great female team.”

“I am happy with our advisers, there was a good quality of exchange and the follow-up of the visits was well organized. We were reassured during our steps, because we did not know the region. The advice given by our adviser helped us find our apartment in the time we requested. Thank you!”

“I was lucky to have adapted support. The adviser who followed me and who allowed me to go through with my purchase, was very attentive to my needs, it took that we determine together my needs, my desires, the time to understand and know each other well and everything started very quickly. My MCF advisor is a person with very easy contact, who is reactive and who puts the comfortable right away. Thank you for everything. And looking forward to seeing you again, I hope when you hand over the keys.”

“Cordiality, attentiveness, professionalism.”

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