Private concierge services

MCF Relocation also provides solutions for after your employees have settled in France. We help companies successfully integrate international staff members throughout the duration of their contract.


Our solutions for the successful expatriation of international staff to France also include options for helping them to manage domestic problems throughout their time in France.

When you’re rushed off your feet, don’t speak French, don’t have a support network and don’t know or understand the rules and processes governing rentals in France, how do you manage the day-to-day niggles?

My kitchen sink is leaking, the electricity is out and my freezer is full, there’s a wasps nest in the roof, the estate agent still hasn’t contacted me to change the garage door, the lift has been out of order for ten days, the property management firm has invoiced me and I don’t know what it’s for, my house was burgled last night, and I have no idea where to find an architect to remodel my living room!

You can rely on our personalised, made-to-measure solutions to resolve each specific problem smoothly and serenely.

MCF Relocation offers the following services
to support your international staff

A dedicated Personal Assistant

Practical solutions

Quick response times and flexibility

A network of qualified professionals

Looking for private concierge services for your international employees in France?

Just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.