Our relocation services

When it comes to a career move, our relocation services mean your staff are freed of all the logistical constraints, allowing them to become fully operational more rapidly and ensuring the move is a positive experience.

Career mobility: a challenge for your firm

We are here to support and advise you as required.
We will save your teams and your firm time and money!

MCF Relocation offers the following services
to support your staff

House move coordination

Welcome on arrival

Train station, airport etc.

Orientation visit to get to know your new surroundings

to get to know your new surroundings

Bank account open on arrival

Property search

Temporary, rental, purchase

Furniture rental

While waiting for your containers to ship

Settling in

Assistance with signing your property lease, inventory, setting up your telephone, energy and insurance contracts etc.


Assistance searching for a French or international school, advice and enrollment Social security, welfare benefits: handling all procedures and registration processes

Social security, welfare benefits

Handling all procedures and registration processes

Home maintenance services


Procedures for swapping your foreign driver’s licence, registration of foreign vehicles from outside of the European Union

Departure: handling of all procedures for departure

Termination of contracts, closing of bank accounts, inventory, recovery of deposits, change of address

Numerous additional services

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Mobili-Pass housing subsidy

Mobili-Pass housing subsidy

The Mobili-Pass subsidy is a grant for companies of more than 10 employees to assist staff members with finding a property to rent when moving for professional reasons.
MCF Relocation is a specialist firm which meets all the requirements for obtaining this subsidy.
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